April 24, 2016

Volume 6, Issue 1

Low Net: 









Low Gross:              

Merkel, M




Kirchberg, N




Miscevich, P

Miscevich, P

(Pig 100)











You step up to the first tee and tee up the Bridgestone e7 on top of the natural wood tee. You focus on the target and place your club behind the ball.


Repeating to yourself, keep your tempo up and hit through the ball, you take the club back and swing down and through the ball

Opening Day

and watch as it snap hooks straight left into the trees and comes to rest right behind one 68 yards from the tee box.


Opening Day. Worth It.


Off you go wondering where the hell is the beer cart girl.



Opening Day is filled with the hope that this is going to be the year.


You spent the winter with a swing coach video, you got the new Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Tour Graphite Driver, and you spent the extra $49 to get your swing analyzed so you could buy the right golf ball.


Finally, Opening Day.


great since BWebb was only giving up 31 shots to O’Shea.


There was a three-way tie for low gross with BWebb, Matt “The Kid” Merkel, and “King” Kalani Reelitz, all shooting 80 on the nose. Peter “Another Baby on the Way” Wais was one left short putt behind and Nick “The Other” Kirchberg was a chunk and chili-dip further behind.


Closest to the Pin  

O'Shea Can You Swing

winners included Wais, and Monge along with a two-time winner, including the Pig 100, Paul “Tin Cup” Miscevich. Having played in his group and watching him sclaff and slice his way around the course it is just as shocking to me that he was able to put the ball close once, let alone twice in that round.


Having said that he did kick my butt as I was crying from hole three on with the way I was playing.

Tim O’Shea, a breakout winner last season becomes the first winner of 2016 by completely taming Bartlett Hills with a nifty 60 net score.


You can tell it was the first outing as almost 50% of those playing couldn’t break 100. And only 8 out of 31 golfers broke 90.


O’Shea was a winner by 6 shots over cart mate Art Monge and another 2 shots over Brian Weber which is

Another season is off and running and if you haven’t already please take the time to personally thank the officers for doing a fantastic job each and every year for us. We don’t appreciate them personally enough.



Please let one of the officers know this week

Other Stuff

if you are playing in the May 15th outing at Ruffled Feathers. We need to confirm and pay for all golfers 10 days before the outing so time is critical here.


You might as well let them know about the June 5th date also since that will be here a few weeks later.

Peter Wais and his wife are expecting the arrival of a son in about 6 weeks. This will be number 2 for them and will give them one of each, a boy and a girl.


Tony Collins is a grandfather for the fourth time with his first granddaughter. Let the spoiling begin.

business about 5 years ago and if you’ve ever done so you know there are things that you have to put in front of fun in order to get it going.


Additionally, we sold out house and were preparing to relocate which took even more of my time away from golf.



Well, the business is still a work in progress but moving in the right direction, and we have put off relocating until next year so it looks like I should be a more frequent face in 2016.


Consider this your only warning.


Thanks for all your concerns and kind words over the past few years.

As many of you know, I have not been very visible at our outings for the past few years. While this comes as good news to many, I can tell you that I have missed the companionship and relaxation of being out on the green grass with you all.


I started my own